Friday, June 02, 2006

US Team Prepares for Men’s Pan American Championships

Preparation for the Men’s Pan American Championships (MPAC) in Aracaju, Brazil is in full swing for the US Men’s National Team. They recently completed a week of training at the Lakeshore USOC Training Center in Birmingham, Alabama and are now traveling to Brazil for additional training and 2 friendly matches (2 June vs a Brazilian club team and 4 June vs Greenland)

I’ve had some email contact with Asst Coach Chris Cappelmann and he felt that they had had several good practices under the tutelage of new Head Coach Isidoro Martinez. Cap indicated that he felt that if the US can stay healthy and continue to gel as a team they should have a good chance to finish in the top 3 and earn a World Championship berth for Germany 2007. Cap also noted that he very much regretted having to resign from his Asst Coach position due to work commitments as a result of staffing shortages with the Atlanta Fire Department. Dennis Berkholz will be assisting Coach Martinez in Brazil.

The US Team opens pool play against Mexico on 6 June at 1800 Local, 1700 EST.


David Thompson- Condors

Gary Hines- Condors

Tom Fitzgerald- NYAC (Garden City)

Danny Caparelli- NYAC (Garden City)

Divine Jackson- NYAC (Garden City)

Milan Ciric- NYAC (Garden City)

Mike Hinson- Los Angeles THC

Ryan Hansell- Atlanta Team Handball

John Kelly- Atlanta Team Handball

Troy Steffen- Atlanta Team Handball

Jeff Goss- Atlanta Team Handball

Patrick Oliver- Atlanta Team Handball

Gill Bozeman- Atlanta Team Handball

Mark Ortega- Miami Sharks

Muris Lacarivic- Miami Sharks

Note: The following players were originally on the team, but aren’t making the trip for the reasons indicated

Matt Van Houten (Retired)

Bobby Dunn (Work Commitment)

Radji Mateen (Work Commitment)

Joe Lamour (Injury)

Levi Henderson (Work Commitment)


At June 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the exception for an injury or retirement, if your selected to represent the National Team and do not go,then you don't need to be part of the program.

It is time to get serious about USA Team Handball.

At June 03, 2006, Blogger John Ryan said...

Well currently there really isn't an active "program." Amateur athletes will often have other commitments, such as work that will take priority. Taking off 3 weeks of work is a significant chunk of time. In some of these cases it could very well be a that their employer reneged on an earlier OK to take time off. I suppose you could say that a totally dedicated athlete, should quit his job to go on the trip, but that's a little bit silly, in my opinion.

At June 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote a line from a movie "why do anything if you don't want to be the best?"

If you are not 100% dedicated, why do anything? Why be married, why work were you work?

The part time mentality is, in my opinion, the biggest problem with handball in the US.

At June 06, 2006, Anonymous Michael Chamberlain said...

"The part time mentality is, in my opinion, the biggest problem with handball in the US."

It's great when people tell us how many problems our sport has and then fail to offer any solutions...

I feel that the lack of visibility is the primary factor that precludes our growth. If people can't see something how do they know it exists.

I think there are two ways to help change this. First, at the club level more must be done to bring in new people. A way I think this can happen is by having paper leaflets and flood the local colleges with them. While the cost could be high and the outcome low, the fact that a person has seen a leaflet might persuade them to stop by a practice and see what the fuss is all about, even if they choose not to join.

Second, hopefully someday at the IHF will wake up and say "Hey, there's an untapped market of 300 million people in the supposed richest country in the world whose size rivals Europe and if we helped them along we could advance our sport by a wide margin and make some money in the process."

It really comes does come down visibility though. It doesn't matter about full vs. part time because if we allow Handball to remain nearly invisible, we will always remain a part-time sport.

Only time will tell what path we have chosen.

At June 06, 2006, Blogger John Ryan said...

"why do anything if you don't want to be the best?"

If you are not 100% dedicated, why do anything? Why be married, why work were you work?

Well, this is the last I'll say on this silly train of thought. Of course, both statements are contradictory. If I'm going to the best Handball player in the world then I'll probably have to sacrifice my real world job. Can't stay overtime- I've got practice. Marriage- can't do it, every moment I spend with my wife would cut into my 100% Handball world. Enough. I expect some commitment from members selected to the National team, but until there's a reasonable amount of compensation a proper balance is appropriate.

And quit posting anonymously, while you're at it.


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