Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Team Handball Blog has Moved

I am now posting blog entries at the Team Handball News website:

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This site will be kept online as an archive until old entries can be moved to the new site. Additionally, I will also use this blogger site if we have an extended outage with the teamhandballnews site.

Friday, June 02, 2006

USA Women’s National Team European Tour

The USA Women’s Team is in the midst of their 3 week European tour. They will be playing club teams in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. I saw 2 of their 3 matches in a local tournament in Issy-le-Moulineaux, just outside of Paris. They defeated an England based team 24-22, lost to Israel, and lost to Paris Select team 25-21.

I've posted a short 4 minute interview that I had with Coach Christian Latulippe at the handballusa Yahoo Group:

More information is also available at the Women's Team's sites:
Press Release:
European Trip Blog:

US Team Prepares for Men’s Pan American Championships

Preparation for the Men’s Pan American Championships (MPAC) in Aracaju, Brazil is in full swing for the US Men’s National Team. They recently completed a week of training at the Lakeshore USOC Training Center in Birmingham, Alabama and are now traveling to Brazil for additional training and 2 friendly matches (2 June vs a Brazilian club team and 4 June vs Greenland)

I’ve had some email contact with Asst Coach Chris Cappelmann and he felt that they had had several good practices under the tutelage of new Head Coach Isidoro Martinez. Cap indicated that he felt that if the US can stay healthy and continue to gel as a team they should have a good chance to finish in the top 3 and earn a World Championship berth for Germany 2007. Cap also noted that he very much regretted having to resign from his Asst Coach position due to work commitments as a result of staffing shortages with the Atlanta Fire Department. Dennis Berkholz will be assisting Coach Martinez in Brazil.

The US Team opens pool play against Mexico on 6 June at 1800 Local, 1700 EST.


David Thompson- Condors

Gary Hines- Condors

Tom Fitzgerald- NYAC (Garden City)

Danny Caparelli- NYAC (Garden City)

Divine Jackson- NYAC (Garden City)

Milan Ciric- NYAC (Garden City)

Mike Hinson- Los Angeles THC

Ryan Hansell- Atlanta Team Handball

John Kelly- Atlanta Team Handball

Troy Steffen- Atlanta Team Handball

Jeff Goss- Atlanta Team Handball

Patrick Oliver- Atlanta Team Handball

Gill Bozeman- Atlanta Team Handball

Mark Ortega- Miami Sharks

Muris Lacarivic- Miami Sharks

Note: The following players were originally on the team, but aren’t making the trip for the reasons indicated

Matt Van Houten (Retired)

Bobby Dunn (Work Commitment)

Radji Mateen (Work Commitment)

Joe Lamour (Injury)

Levi Henderson (Work Commitment)

Guadalajara, Mexico to Host 2011 Pan American Games

Guadalajara, Mexico, was unanimously selected by delegates of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) to host the 2011 Pan American Games. As the only city to officially bid, Guadalajara’s selection was virtually guaranteed. San Antonio, Texas, which bid in 2007 had considered bidding, but declined to do so for 2011. While the Pan Am Games is a minor event for many sports, it is a very important for Team Handball as the Gold Medal winner secures the one guaranteed Pan American slot for the Olympics. The 2007 Pan Am Games will be in Rio de Janeiro and this home court advantage, plus Brazil’s recent on-court performances suggest that both their Women’s and Men’s team will be strongly favored to win. Projecting out 5 years is tougher to predict, but suffice to say Mexico will be a more neutral location and taking the Gold in 2011 should be a more wide open competition.

Australia Secures Oceania Ticket for 2007 Men’s World Championships

As expected, Australia has qualified for the 2007 Men’s World Championships by easily defeating both New Zealand (41-14) and the Cook Islands (63-5) in round robin competition in Dural, Australia (near Sidney).

Stay tuned. We hope to soon have a podcast interview with the Australian Handball Federation reviewing the results of the Pacific Cup and Australia’s prospects for the World Championships.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Team Handball Blog Has Moved

I am now posting blog entries at the Team Handball News website:

My blog entries can be directly accessed at

This site will be kept online as an archive until old entries can be moved to the new site.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Website and Podcast in Development

A short note to let everyone know that I am working with Bjoern Brembs and Bogdan Pasat to develop a new website for Team Handball information. The newest element to this website will be the addition of a podcast to interactively discuss different issues.

As you might expect, the current issues related to the new USA By-Laws (Constitution) and Board of Director’s vote to remove President Hurdle will be a prominent topic for the first podcast. Last night I had an interview with Matt Van Houten (the Athlete Advisory Council Board Member) and I look forward to having an interview with Mike Hurdle (the current or former President- take your pick) later this week.

Producing a podcast, however, is a challenging and time-consuming venture, especially the first time you do it. It will probably take us a week or two to sort everything out. Stay tuned.