Sunday, May 22, 2005

"What? No Lobster and Filet Mignon?"

From the USA Team Handball Website:

May 16, 2005: History is Made - At the Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, April 28th, in Houston, the Board of Directors unanimously approved a “Give, Get, or Get Out” proposal.
It was originally proposed by the Chair of Resource Development to raise much needed income. The Board, after lengthy discussion, agreed to allow expenses to be used against the total. Normally, Board members receive their airfare, hotel, and sometimes a per diem to attend meetings. The adopted proposal has each Board member “pay their own way” and deduct it against their $3,000 per year obligation.
The end result is that the organization is getting and/or saving a total of $3,000 per Board member each year. This is historic. No other Board in the history of handball in this country has had the courage to step up personally and become financially responsible to this degree.
The new administration, under President Mike Hurdle, has stressed the need to be more business-like in its approach. And this certainly shows us his leadership is in the right direction.
Special thanks to Dawn Lewis and Mike Thornberry who took Peter Siskind’s proposal and got consensus from the Board.

Say what you want about the current board and the somewhat divided leadership it is currently providing, this is truly historic and somewhat amazing.

A little background for the uninitated. The title of of my blog entry refers to unsubstantiated rumors that when previous Boards used to meet in the 80’s and 90’s, they would go out to dinner at fancy restaurants and charge it to the Federation. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the mere fact that it was rumored, tainted the commitment of those who served on the Board.

The membership might disagree with some of the steps currently being taken by some members of the Board, but no one in the membership can claim that this Board isn’t showing a lack of personal commitment. What other Board can claim this level of support? My guess is that this might even ruffle some feathers with the other minor sports if the USOC points out Team Handball as an example to other NGBs.


At May 23, 2005, Anonymous bjoern said...

I find the move pretty amazing and and an example for all volunteer organizations, sports or otherwise. Keeps the money where it is truely needed.
Now that's one unequivocally positive development that can't be overemphasized.

At July 17, 2005, Anonymous internet marketing said...

Alors est-ce que le fillet mignon est toujours aussi bon?


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