Monday, March 14, 2005

Moins Treize! Montpelier Pulls Off a Miracle

Well, I have probably watched the most compelling game that I have ever seen yesterday afternoon as Montpelier hung on to lose by 13 versus Flensburg. Having won by 14 last week, they needed to lose by 13 or fewer to advance. Flensburg, pecked away at the overall lead until they finally went +14 with 1:00 left in the game. Montpelier failed to score right away, but got got the ball back yet again with 10 seconds left, but they failed to score on a controversial non-call as time expires. (probably, should have been a penalty throw, in my opinion) Game over, Flensburg had just pulled off probably the most dramatic comeback in Champions League history.

But wait. There’s still a nine meter throw left. Of course it’s only a couple of meters from the sideline, so it’s a mere formality- Right? Mais, non! Every player on the French team turns and fires as is often done on a no time remaining 9 meter and Greg Anquetl, the veteran right wing who just retired from the French National Team turns toward the center and puts it right between the goalie’s legs. Moins Treize (-13) Unbelievable! You could have heard a pin drop in Flensburg.


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